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The VintageKorg Group is dedicated to the "vintage" gear of the Japanese manufacturer Korg, like synths, drum machines, or outboard equipment. Click here if you wish to subscribe. Everything from the early beginnings as Keio up to the mid-eighties gear like the DW-8000, when Korg moved over to digital synthesis. Since 2014, Korg owns the rights to ARP, another great classic synth manufacturer. Now that they are again manufacturing some of these old classics, we'll try to support those as well.

Possible topics are:

  • Who used it, and where is it featured? 
  • How to MIDI it up and other modifications
  • Problems you're having with yours, including the evil battery corrosion
  • Gear for sale (Please use the hashtag #forsale to clearly mark these messages!)
  • Hints, tips 
  • Do you have tunes in which you've used your Korg Gear? 
  • ...and other stuff related to Korg!

Please keep the language and tone civil. When you reply, it will go to the group, so take care!

This is a continuation of several groups formerly at Yahoo!Groups.


  • Korg, Keio, Univox
  • PolySix, Mono/Poly, Poly800, EX800, Poly-61
  • Minipops, DDD-1
  • MiniKorg, MaxiKorg
  • 900PS
  • SB-100
  • PE-1000, PE-2000
  • 770
  • M-500
  • PS-3100, PS-3200, PS-3300
  • MS-10, MS-20, MS-50, MS-2000, SQ-10
  • VC-10
  • X-911
  • Delta, Sigma, Lambda
  • Trident family
  • DW-6000, DW-8000, EX-8000
  • Outboard gear, Delays, Reverbs, Tape machines, SE-300, SE-500, SDD series
  • E-pianos, Mixers, Compressor/Equalizers
  • Clonewheels, CX-series
  • ARP Odyssey, 2600

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